Congressman Aaron Schock (IL-18)

Rep. Schock responds to 2015 State of the Union on MSNBC
  • Rep. Schock amendment establishes legal priorities for U.S. immigration policy

    The House of Representatives voted 260-167 today to pass an amendment offered by Rep. Aaron Schock that prohibits fees paid by legal immigration applicants to be used to process unlawful applicants covered under a presidential executive order. The bill now heads to the Senate for consideration.
  • Rep. Schock faults Obama anti-coal agenda for local layoffs

    In a statement released on Jan. 7, Congressman Aaron Schock laid blame on the White House for more than 200 layoffs at Peoria-based Caterpillar, the world's largest coal mining equipment manufacturer that supports thousands of jobs in the state of Illinois. Citing the administration's 'hostile' regulatory regime, Schock called for an end to the current anti-fossil fuel agenda.
  • Rep. Schock holds regional press conferences to highlight ABLE Act

    Congress just passed a law that will help people with special needs and their families save for daily expenses. The new law allows qualified families to save up to $100,000 for expenses like housing, transportation, and health without losing federal and state benefits.
  • Rep. Schock announces Peoria Lock & Dam investment

    Rep. Aaron Schock hosted leading industry representatives, the Army Corps of Engineers, and labor groups at a press conference to highlight congressional acts to improve inland waterways. Congress voted to raise the barge user fee, creating an additional $70 million in rehabilitation funds to improve our nation's aging marine transportation infrastructure.
  • Rep. Schock receives 2014 Lewis-Houghton Leadership Award

    Rep. Schock received the 2014 Lewis-Houghton Leadership Award, presented by the Faith and Politics Institute. The award recognizes leaders who have “exhibited conscience, courage, and compassion in their roles as public servants.” Named for Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) and former Rep. Amo Houghton (R-NY), the award is given annually to two members of Congress who have demonstrated leadership and promoted racial reconciliation.